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Brass Quintet

Edvard Grieg – Wedding Day at Troldhaugen from Lyric Pieces op. 65, No. 6

Arranged for Brass Quintet by Ivaylo Hristov.

Probably the most popular among the Lyric pieces by Grieg, Wedding Day is arranged in its entirety according to its concert version for solo piano, but with the brilliance of a symphony orchestra score, that brings a feel of festiveness.

6' 20"

Penko Gelev.

ISMN 979-0-707683-02-6

Brass Ensembles

Robert Aldridge – Tango for Gabriela

Arranged for solo violin and brass ensemble by Ivaylo Hristov.

For 3 trumpets in B, 2 horns in F, trombone, bass trombone, tuba and solo violin.

Slovak violinist Boris Kucharsky had commissioned the American composer Robert Aldridge an encore piece for solo violin and string orchestra — Tango for a Beautiful Woman, inspired by Gabriela Skrabakova. We publish a transcription for solo violin and brass ensemble, where the brass instruments are supposed to play all the time quasi pizzicato.

2' 40"

Penko Gelev.

ISMN 979-0-707683-10-1

Trombone Ensembles

Johannes Brahms – Hungarian Dances 14, 15 & 17

for trombone quartet

Selected and arranged by Ivaylo Hristov.

Johannes Brahms – Hungarian Dance No. 14

Trombone Ensembles

Franz Gruber – Stille Nacht – Silent Night

for three trombones, trombone trio or choir

Arranged by Ivaylo Hristov.

Trombone and Bass Trombone

Franz Liszt – Hosannah! – Choral for Trombone and Organ, S677

An original composition by Franz Liszt.

Organ and solo part

Franz Liszt – Hosannah!

Trombone and Bass Trombone

Andrian Pervazov – /dev/jam for Trombone and Harp

Recorded on the CD release Embracing The Unknown by John Kenny and Catriona McKay on the Brass Classics label.

8' 35"

Harp and solo part

ISMN 979-0-707683-00-2

Andrian Pervazov – /dev/jam (excerpt)

...Instead, we shall better listen to the jam, we shall better try to enjoy it if only humanly possible. And, should we ever come across an unmarried locomotive, we shall be very, very careful!

Program notes in English and Bulgarian.

Orchestra Scores and Hire Materials

Milko Kolarov – Concerto

for bass trombone and symphony orchestra

  • Sonatina
  • Aria
  • Toccata
  • Commissioned by Swiss bass trombone player Johannes Bigler this Concerto was and premiered in 1998 during Varna Summer music festival. It was named by the critics as a brilliant piece... a model of miniature form.

    Bass trombone and piano version is also available.

    Milko Kolarov – Concerto – Toccata (excerpt)


    Bobby Yotzov – Song (Chant) for soprano & piano

    or for clarinet (or soprano saxophone) in B and piano

    To Alexandrina Pendatchanska

    Song for soprano and piano is an early work of Bobby Yotzov, inspired by the great Bulgarian soprano Alexandrina Pendatchanska, and dedicated to her.

    Borislav Yotzov has often performed this work as a piece for clarinet or soprano sax and piano. He is also the author of the lyrics.

    Julia Froschhammer.

    ISMN 979-0-707683-01-9

    4' 10"

    Bobby Yotzov – Chant

    String Quartet

    Milcho Leviev – String Quartet 1960, rev. 2019.

  • Allegro con brio
  • Passacaglia. Andantino semplice
  • Scherzo. Vivace con fuoco – Poco meno vivo – Vivace come prima
  • Finale. Allegro giusto – Vivacissimo
  • Milcho Leviev (1937–2019) composed his String Quartet for his Master’s graduation exam in Composition. This early work, strongly influenced by the music of Paul Hindemith, had a single premiere performance in 1960. In 2019, the score was rediscovered by the Philharmonica String Quartet, whose members took up the task of programming it. While attending one of their rehearsals, Leviev made certain minor amendments to the score.

    2 violins, viola and violoncello – 72 pages.


    Penko Gelev.

    ISMN 979-0-707683-21-7


    Pantcho VladigueroffPantcho Vladigueroff – In Bright Colours – works for two pianos by Pancho Vladigerov in his own transcriptions from 1976-77, performed by the piano duo Pantcho Vladiguerov Jr. and Dimo Dimov. CD Audio & Video.

    Suite bulgare op. 21, 1926

    Mar Dimitro lyo op. 23, No. 2, 1931

    Bilyana op. 23, No. 6, 1931

    Hora staccato w/o opus, 1942

    Foxtrot w/o opus, 1925

    In Bright Colours – a film about Vladigerov and his music.

    41' 37" / 62' 56"

    Mar Dimitro lyo (excerpt)

    Foxtrot (excerpt)

    2008 • Ⓟ

    Two Pianos

    Grigorash Dinicu – Pantcho VladigueroffPancho Vladigerov – Hora staccato w/o opus, for two pianos, Urtext

    Originally for symphony orchestra composed in 1942.


    2' 30"

    Dinicu–Vladigueroff – Hora staccato w/o opus


    Pantcho VladigueroffPancho Vladigerov – Three Bagatelles for piano op. 70 (1978) Urtext

    À Krassimir Gatev

  • Tristesse
  • Petite balade
  • Humoresque
  • 5' 10"

    P. Vladigueroff – Trois bagatelles – Humoresque

    Pantcho Vladigueroff Urtext Series

    Pantcho VladigueroffPancho Vladigerov – Romance and Cakewalk w/o opus, for two pianos, Urtext

    From the stage-music for the play Caeser and Cleopatra by Bernard Shaw, composed in 1920.


    5' 20"

    P. Vladigueroff – Romance et Cakewalk w/o opus

    Music Books and Methods

    Stefan Lazarov – Essays

    This book of essays by Dr. Stefan Lazarov gather vivid memories of world-class individuals whose work has no borders. Of science that touches ancient ages. Of Bulgarian literacy and verbalism. And of Bulgarian music and its great artists. Names to be known and remembered: Pantcho Vladigueroff, Marin Goleminov, Lyubomir Pipkov, Dmitri Shostakovich, Stoyan Djoudjeff, Dobrin Petkov, Andrey Stoyanov, Alexis Weissenberg, Petko Staynov, Aleksandar Teodorov-Balan, Michail Arnaudov, Stefan Mladenov, Boyan Penev, Nikola Mihov, Toma St. Tomov and Asher Hananel among others.

    ISMN 979-0-707683-15-6

    In bulgarian, first edition, 448 pages, soft cover.

    Watch the presentation of the book in Sofia on March 5 and 25, 2019.

    Established in 1999 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Edition Elm is an enterprise of Ivaylo Hristov – trombonist, arranger and conductor. We publish sheet music of his own arrangements for trombone ensembles, for brass quintet, and for various mixed brass ensembles. Our catalogue includes also music, scores, and parts of contemporary Bulgarian music for trombone and bass trombone accompanied by piano, organ, harp or orchestra, as well as full orchestra scores, string quartet, books and CDs.

    We publish Urtext first editions of the last piano works by the great Bulgarian composer Pantcho Vladigueroff, all composed in 1970s – six books of piano miniatures as well as his complete works for two pianos in thirteen titles.

    Edition Elm is a member of the Bulgarian copyright society Musicauthor.

    Please pay attention to our order policy in payment, shipping, delivery, and discount options.

    Our efforts through the years in spreading the Bulgarian musical heritage out were encouraged by renowned artists and pedagogues by their reviews.

    Catalogue of Sheet Music, CDs & Books

    Brass Quintet – Classical masterpieces arranged for brass instruments by Ivaylo Hristov.

    Brass Ensembles – Arrangements of Ivaylo Hristov for variuos brass ensembles.

    Trombone Quartet, Trio, Duet, Canon – Transcriptions and arrangements of Ivaylo Hristov.

    Trombone and Bass Trombone solo literature – Accompanied by piano, organ, harp, orchestra.

    Piano – Sheet music for piano solo by Pantcho Vladigueroff and Mario Angelov.

    Two Pianos – Complete works for piano duo by Pantcho Vladigueroff in Urtext editions.

    Pantcho Vladigueroff Urtext Series – First editions of his last works for piano & two pianos.

    Clarinet – Bulgarian Clarinet solo repertiore.

    String Quartet – String Quartet by Milcho Leviev.

    Orchestra Scores and Hire Materials – Contemporary Bulgarian music for orchestra.

    CDs Audio & Video – Recordings of music for two pianos, for trombone and piano.

    Books – Music Books and Methods (in Bulgarian).

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    Vern Kagarice

    Edition Elm manager Ivaylo Hristov has compiled a wonderful collection of original brass works and transcriptions in his Edition Elm catalog. He has chosen many works that are not otherwise available, so he does the brass community a great service. His attention to Bulgarian music is especially gratifying, in that he is introducing some very interesting new works. His transcriptions are well-chosen and well-done, although sometimes quite challenging.

    Congratulations for an excellent effort.

    Vern Kagarice

    Former Professor of Trombone

    University of North Texas

    John Kenny

    For half a century, the contemporary culture of Eastern Europe was closed to us in the West. Towering beacons shone through the gloom, but our knowledge was largely restricted to those masters who either transcended the Iron Curtain, or who left to teach and compose in the West. Since 1990, a whole new world has opened up, revealing the wealth of creativity which thrived beyond our hearing – each nation swallowed by the Soviet whale struggling to maintain its own cultural identity in every art form.

    Bulgaria is a small nation with an ancient and proud culture stretching back to the time of Alexander the Great. From 1945 Bulgarian musical life fostered a distinctive school of trombone playing, with a rich teaching tradition, producing a substantial body of superb recital and study material. Today the country is home to a community of talented and prolific composers – and Edition Elm has committed itself to both documenting the past, and encouraging the contemporary. Every piece in Elm’s collection has been chosen and edited by professionals, and is presented in performing materials of the highest quality and clarity, complete with biographies of all composers. These works are an invaluable addition to both personal and institutional libraries, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to performers and teachers internationally.

    John Kenny

    Professor for the interpretation of contemporary music

    Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London

    Professor of Sackbut

    The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow

    Nikolay Evrov

    I ardently acclaim the appearance of Edition Elm and the idea to publish the works of Pantcho Vladigueroff. This rectifies a serious deficiency in Bulgarian musical culture and represents a significant contribution to the consolidation of national conscience and self-confidence.

    Leading modern Bulgarian pianists are involved as editors and exponents in the preparation of this publication. These are people who were close friends with the composer and through their personal contacts with him had an opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding straight from the horse’s mouth.

    The print is state-of-the-art technology and easy to read.

    I wish the publisher success with his noble mission.

    Nikolay Evrov

    Former Professor of Piano

    Sydney Conservatorium of Music