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Edition Elm was established in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1999 by the trombonist and arranger Ivaylo Hristov. Our large catalogue includes sheet music and scores of contemporary Bulgarian music for trombone and bass trombone accompanied by piano, organ, harp or orchestra, full orchestra scores and also arrangements for trombone ensembles and for brass quintet.

We present premiere publications of works by Pantcho Vladigueroff, composed in 1970s – Urtext editions of great master's last piano opuses as well as his complete works for two pianos.

Renowned artists and pedagogues tend to encourage our efforts in spreading Bulgarian musical heritage out with their reviews and comments.

Edition Elm is a member of the Bulgarian copyright society Musicauthor.

Brass Quintet Music

Manuel de Falla – Final Dance – (Jota) – from The Three-cornered Hat

Arranged for Brass Quintet by Ivaylo Hristov.

Since it is St. John's Night, a large number of people drop in across the bridge and fill the esplanade in a procession, carying a banner on which the effigy of the Corregidor is displayed. General dance, during which the old coxcomb is identified, and the miller and his wife are reconciled. The Corregidor, scoffed at by the crowd, has received so many cuffs that he lets himslef drop to the ground completely confounded. The people lay hold of him and joyously toss him on a blanket, like some rueful puppet. This is the final Jota from the ballet El sombrero de tres picos (1919), from Manuel de Falla.

4' 15"

Penko Gelev.



Trombone Ensembles

George Gershwin – Summertime – lullaby from the opera Porgy and Bess

for trombone quartet

Arranged by Ivaylo Hristov.


Penko Gelev.


George Gershwin – Summertime from Porgy and Bess


Trombone and Bass Trombone Solos

Highslide JS

Andrian Pervazov – /dev/jam for Trombone and Harp

Recorded on the CD release Embracing The Unknown by John Kenny and Catriona McKay on the Brass Classics label.

8' 35"

Harp and solo part


Andrian Pervazov – /dev/jam (excerpt)

...Instead, we shall better listen to the jam, we shall better try to enjoy it if only humanly possible. And, should we ever come across an unmarried locomotive, we shall be very, very careful!

Program notes in English and Bulgarian.


Music Books and Methods

Stefan Lazarov – Essays

This book of essays by Dr. Stefan Lazarov gather vivid memories of world-class individuals whose work has no borders. Of science that touches ancient ages. Of Bulgarian literacy and verbalism. And of Bulgarian music and its great artists. Names to be known and remembered: Pantcho Vladigueroff, Marin Goleminov, Lyubomir Pipkov, Dmitri Shostakovich, Stoyan Djoudjeff, Dobrin Petkov, Andrey Stoyanov, Alexis Weissenberg, Petko Staynov, Aleksandar Teodorov-Balan, Michail Arnaudov, Stefan Mladenov, Boyan Penev, Nikola Mihov, Toma St. Tomov and Asher Hananel among others.


In bulgarian, first edition, 448 pages, soft cover.

Watch the presentation of the book in Sofia on March 5 and 25, 2019.


Pantcho Vladigueroff Urtext Series

Pantcho VladigueroffPancho Vladigerov – Rhapsody Vardar op. 16, for two pianos, Urtext

Originally Bulgarian Rhapsody Vardar for violin and piano, composed in 1922.


8' 10"

P. Vladigueroff – Rhapsodie Vardar op. 16


Piano Sheet Music

Pantcho VladigueroffPancho Vladigerov – Five Poetic Pictures for piano op. 68 (1976) Urtext

À Nikolay Evrov

  • Invention
  • Tristesse
  • Grotesque
  • Chant
  • Jeu
  • 7' 10"

    P. Vladigueroff – Cinq tableaux poιtiques – Jeu


    Two Pianos Scores & Parts

    Pantcho VladigueroffPancho Vladigerov – Foxtrot w/o opus, for two pianos, Urtext

    Originally for piano, composed in 1925.


    3' 50"

    P. Vladigueroff – Foxtrot w/o opus



    Pantcho VladigueroffPantcho Vladigueroff – In Bright Colours – works for two pianos by Pancho Vladigerov in his own transcriptions from 1976-77, performed by the piano duo Pantcho Vladiguerov Jr. and Dimo Dimov. CD Audio & Video.

    Suite bulgare op. 21, 1926

    Mar Dimitro lyo op. 23, No. 2, 1931

    Bilyana op. 23, No. 6, 1931

    Hora staccato w/o opus, 1942

    Foxtrot w/o opus, 1925

    In Bright Colours – a film about Vladigerov and his music.

    Mar Dimitro lyo (excerpt)

    Foxtrot (excerpt)

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