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Filip PavlovConcerto No. 2 for Trombone and Orchestra

  • Allegro vivace, Sostenuto espressivo, Presto
  • Transcription for trombone and piano by the author.

    Orchestra score and material is available on hire trough One Half Edition.

    One Half Edition H1200324

    Vladimir DjambazovThree Pieces

    for Brass Quintet

  • March
  • Valse
  • Polca
  • Three Pieces for brass quintet are composed in 1985 in memoriam of Serge Prokofiev. The Intruder, The drunk and The buffoon are the characters described in each piece. Written for Sofia Brass Quintet Three Pieces were premiered in the same year and is played oftenly with great success.

    Parts only.

    Edition Amus A1199516

    Dobri HristovSanctus Deus from Missa Joannes Chrisostomus

    Arranged for Brass Quintet by Vasil Todorov.

    Score and parts

    Edition Amus A3199316